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The Week of December 8, 2017
The Wil Durst Journal
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December 12
Durst Case Scenario
The Marsh
1062 Valencia
San Francisco CA
December 19
Durst Case Scenario
The Marsh
1062 Valencia
San Francisco CA
The Big Fat Year
End Kiss Off
Comedy Show XXV
12 Cities. 13 Shows
Dec 26th-Jan 7th 2018
December 26
Hopmonk Tavern
224 Vintage Way
Novato, CA
8 pm
December 27
The Firehouse
Arts Center
4444 Railroad Avenue
Pleasanton CA
December 28
Cultural Works
2513 Blanding
Alameda, CA
$25 Advance/$27 Door
December 29
Empress Theater
330 Virginia Street
Vallejo CA
8 pm
December 30
Lesher Center
for the Arts
1601 Civic Drive
Walnut Creek, CA
8 pm
$30 Adult
$27 Senior/Student
December 31
Theatre on San
Pedro Square
29 N San Pedro St
San Jose CA
Celebrating Mountain
Time New Year’s @ 11pm
PSTbe home before
Includes free champagne & interactive balloon drop
January 1
Throckmorton Theatre
142 Throckmorton Ave
Mill Valley CA
7:30 pm
$22 Advance/$25 Door
January 2
January 3
Campbell Theater
636 Ward Street
Martinez CA
7 pm
January 4
Sebastiani Theater
476 1st Street E
Sonoma CA
January 5
Repertory Theatre
1167 Main Street
Half Moon Bay CA
January 6
Raven Theater
115 North Street
Healdsburg CA
January 7
Cobbs Comedy Club
915 Columbus Avenue
San Francisco CA

* Private Gig

He is a 5 time Emmy nominee; has been fired by PBS three times; told jokes in 14 countries; racked up 7 nominations for Stand-Up of the Year; and his 800+ television appearances include Letterman, HBO, Showtime, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox News, the BBC and many more. The critically acclaimed Off-Broadway run of his one man show: “The All American Sport of Bipartisan Bashing,” The All American Sport of Bi-Partisan Bashingwas subsequently turned into a book of the same name by Ulysses Press. His hobbies include pinball, the never-ending quest for the perfect cheeseburger and his heroes remain the same as when he was 12… Thomas Jefferson and Bugs Bunny. Not necessarily in that order. Durst's performances are made possible by the 1st Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.
you can't make stuff up like this!
Taped in the wilds of San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf at Cobbs Comedy Club you can't make stuff p like this CDin the Courtyard of the Cannery at a point four and a half months after the world was forced to kneel under the shadow of 911. Much mocking and scoffing and taunting ensues, involving Bush and the Clintons, comedy as a cathartic release and life during wartime. Happy comedy.
Taped for and by XM Radio on March 13, 2004, deep in the heart of the belly of the DC beast at the Improv on Warning CDConnecticut Avenue, this production was designed to look like a bootleg, but nobody got the joke. 3 years into the first Bush administration, it’s pretty damn funny if I do say so myself. And I do. So will you.
18 Durstisms
Raging Moderate
Acme Comedy Club. Minneapolis, Minnesota. Legendary producer Dan Schlissel of Stand Up Records culled this from a week of recorded performances in May of 2009. Originally titled, “On the Cusp,” Raging Moderate CDit dealt with the end of eight wonderful years of George W Bush in the comedic crosshairs and segued into the first blush of Barack Obama’s historic term. Voted one of the Top Five Comedy Albums of 2010.
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Notable and Quotable
—Minneapolis StarTribune
March 20, 2016
—Minneapolis StarTribune
February 24, 2016
— The Scotsman
August 15, 2015
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Quite possibly the best political satirist working in the country today.
—The New York Times
A modern day Will Rogers.
—The Boston Globe
Heir apparent to Mort Sahl and Dick Gregory.
—The San Francisco Examiner
He’s an equal opportunity offender with a restless mind and delicious sense of language. Where most comedians give us attitude, Durst brings style and has one thing in common with the best: a sense of moral outrage.
—The Los Angeles Times
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108 Jobs Book108 Jobs
Wisconson State Highway
Construction Surveying Crew
Summer of 72
Summer job. Between semesters at college. I forget which. Think I was finished with UWCWC and moving on to the lesser named but larger learning factory: UWM, which at the time was one of the 20 largest universities in the nation. In terms of students. Most of whom commuted. It was an outdoor summer job between semesters at college. Was working on a surveying team plotting the extension of Highway 43 west from Hales Corners to Mukwanago. I was on a three man team and we would go out into the field before any of the other heavy equipment showed up.
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